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1)Download a Wallet Program

Choose a wallet program, several are well suited for receiving Bitcoin Cash ABC safely. It is recommended to then transfer the Bitcoin Cash ABC from this working "soft wallet" to a "cold storage wallet" if you intend on saving the Bitcoin Cash ABC or to an exchange.

Here are a few different Bitcoin Cash ABC wallets to try:
Badger Wallet Wallet

2)Write Down Seed and Print Out Recieving Address

One nice thing about Bitcoin Cash ABC is that you don't need to have a computer on hand when you recieve it. Many wallet programs have QR codes they will generate for your "public address" or "BCH Recieving Address." Always remember to write down your wallet seed! If you lose your seed and are unable to access your wallet no customer support exists to retrieve the funds, it is the same as losing cash at that point. However, the benefit to this is the assurance that your funds are controlled by you and only you, for you are the only one that should ever know your personal seed.

3)Start Recieving BCH

With your wallet public address on hand at the time you need to conduct your transaction, just have your client send the funds to your wallet address. 

4)Register Your Business

Register your business with for free exposure to new customers seeking to spend crypto.

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