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FAQ and Concerns

Project FTS and it's affiliates are not legal or financial advisors. Please consult with your businesses personal attorney or accountant if you have concerns or questions directly relating to your business structure.

Rumor: I heard that BTC has no real value.

Truth: Cryptocurrency has value rooted in competition of acquisition, energy consumed confirming and generating coins/transactions, and it's various use cases.

Rumor: The government doesn't like BTC.

Truth: Individual politicians with corrupt agendas dislike BTC. The government itself is indifferent to BTC, much as it is any asset, as long as those participating pay the government what they percieve as their share. The IRS has released clear memos for how businesses should handle BTC. This should make it explicit they are ok with BTC for transactions.
Click here for IRS memos.

Rumor: I heard BTC isn't safe.

As long as a person is careful with their BTC, and treats it with the same caution and care they would treat a large cash reserve, BTC is arguably the safest asset on the planet. No other asset is free from the control of all governments and individual entities other than the holder. Your BTC, if properly stored, will always only be controlled by and known about by you. No matter where you are in the world or how the stability of your nations economy holds. In other words, their could be nothing safer.

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